Craft Melon offers a unique blend of contemporary, urbane, stylish, affordable furniture with a celebration of Indian flavour. Craft Melon furniture designs are not only functional but also exemplify a deep aesthetic sense that will add character to your home. Every furniture is personally handcrafted by trained craftsman and artisans who ensure the perfect finish and quality that is worthy of your household. Our collection of exclusive designs are personally designed by in house designers to ensure the furniture you take home suits your personal style and tastes. A journey that started six years back as Mantapas specializing in temples made out of rosewood in traditional Mysore designs, we have now grown into a full-fledged furniture and handicrafts manufacturing outfit of close to 10,000 square feet in Mysore where we combine state of the art of contemporary designs with vernacular flavours that are close to the hearts of Indian diaspora.

All furniture at Craft Melon is made from solid wood that is handpicked and crafted by our artisans who have generations of experience in building furniture and handicrafts. Unlike Engineered wood. MDF or Plywood which are artificially created, solid wood furniture are made from wood in its natural form. Every wood has a definite personality defined by its colour, texture, grains, weight, oil content and other factors that give it a unique characteristic. We strive to retain the original characteristics of the wood used to manufacture your furniture while picking the right stain to suit your choice to ensure the soul of the wood is maintained as it moves from a forest to your home. Buying furniture is like a piece of art. Everything, from style, colour, finish, texture, quality and ambience has to come together in a perfect fashion to deliver a perfect product. We at Designer Lanes, want to ensure that when you will buy from us, you will be taking home a masterpiece.

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